Yoga is an education. Teaching people to live in a healthy way is so important. It’s opening a door to the idea of taking care of their body, and a way for them to remember who they are— body, mind, emotion, spirit— and the energy of all that is.
— Ana Hough, Founder

Grow your practice at one of the original yoga studios in the city.

Ana Hough founded A² Yoga more than 15 years ago, and moved the studio to its current location in 2009 to accommodate our growing number of students.

We are dedicated to helping you foster conditions of optimal health in your body. We are committed practitioners of Yoga, Nia and bodywork with a focus that extends beyond the level of simply exercise or relaxation. We explore movement as a pathway to greater ease and healing in the body. Voted three times as Best Yoga Studio in Washtenaw County, A2 Yoga is proud to be the areas finest yoga and wellness studio. We have been enriching lives in the Ann Arbor and surrounding cities since 2003 and we look forward to seeing you here soon!

Our Ann Arbor yoga studio rests like a fortress on a hill: a safe, inviting place and shining light. When you enter, you are enveloped in our family, joyful and peaceful. We cherish awareness of the vital energy within you, inspire you to harness it, and promote your health and healing in welcoming attention to you.

The best instructors in the area provide encouragement and advice through a variety of traditional yoga styles. You will arrive to attentive, spirited guidance; gently and intensely strengthen and clean yourself, and emerge with balance of being and breath. We are open every day, with classes to welcome the sun and the moon, and YOU! Free Community yoga and Nia classes are held every week (donations welcome — 100% of the donations go to support non-profit organizations in our local community).