Yoga Teacher Training



COURSE DAILY TRAINING TIMES VARY. INFORMATION/APPLICATION PACKETS ARE AVAILABLE AT THE STUDIO! Call us directly if you are interested in discovering the teacher within! We look forward to helping you build your practice.

A² Yoga's Core Teacher Training: Living the light within as a foundation for: asanas, pranayama, kriyas, chanting, mantra, meditation and other traditional yoga techniques including Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Sequencing. This Yoga Teacher Training (YT²) is educationally based.

Areas of concentration are: Technique Training Practice: Become a TEACHER by learning how to teach through strengthening your own physical yoga practice; Teaching Methodology: Knowing how to show up for a class as a teacher prepared in all realms: Body, mind, emotion, and spirit creating & building Hatha & Vinyasa asana sequencing; 
Anatomy & Physiology: Anatomy (bones & muscles), Energetic Anatomy (chakras, nadis, and integration of the Yoga Principals into the studio environment), and Physiology (systems & organs)
; Practicum: Practice through observing and co-teaching while receiving feedback and critique, process evaluation, and assisting students; Operational Management: The business aspect of teaching regardless of being self-employed or acting as a staff member at any studio/facility. This includes professional resume building, front-desk operations, integrated marketing communications, & financial organization.

Beyond critical thinking skills and increased motivation to learn, you will gain the ability to apply yoga theory into practice as a teacher! This includes the Five Aspects for Yoga Teaching: Interactive Teaching Methods including the physical yoga practice & asana sequencing, Philosophy & Adult Learning Theory, Establishing Positive Studio Culture & Communication, Lifestyle & Ethics, and Evaluation.